Non-Profit Fundraising Consulting

Through our decades of experience helping charities across the country, we have developed a proven approach to helping charities get their message out, raise awareness for their cause, and generate donations. Our expertise can help charities better understand and improve the logistics of operating a donation collection program, how to effectively communicate with potential and existing donors to increase donation frequency, and to raise awareness of the charity in their community.


Business Operations Consulting

We specialize in serving customers in the boutique second hand goods retail industry. Our consulting services include sourcing of merchandise, store operations, information technology, customer engagement, advertising, and responsible recycling.


Final Mile Logistics Consulting

Operating private fleet trucking operations of various sizes for over three decades and in over ten states has given us a unique perspective on the final mile problem in logistics. We have seen technology come into this space and transform the way final mile logistics problems are solved. Final Mile logistics is experiencing an exponential growth in today’s retail economy. Our approach to using best in breed software, delivery of omni-channel customer service, and our experience help our clients improve their trucking operations to better compete in today’s market.